A New metapsychology

Psychoanalysis is the science of development of human beings from an individual point of view and from a society point of view (phylogenesis and ontogenesis).

For this purpose the discovery of it proceed in the opposite way of the development of individuals and society.

Freud discovered the Oedipus complex that appear at the age of 5 years old (the dissolution) and coincides with the lost of the teeth milk.

Klein went even further at the stage of primal scene, but her mistake was to adopt the same idea of Freud and to retro dated the Oedipus complex.

It is only with Winnicott and Gaddini that we rich the understanding of the beginning of life and they did not make the mistake of Ms Klein.

If we follow Fairbairn in the division of the mouth with and without teeth we can understand the big difference of the way of the mind works at these two different stages.

At the beginning of life there is no libido as Freud stated to the letter to Marie Bonaparte in the introduction to Civilization and its discontent  or in Analysis terminable and interminable, reported also in Jones volume two.

The aggression is the main actor on the scene at the beginning of life and if there is someone that is out there looking after the baby, this aggression from outside goes inside and the libido can be cathected outside to the object, as Ferenczi stated in his article.

Then what I propose is a metapsychology based on the aggression and not on the libido. I know it will sound blasphemous for analyst, but this is an important change that we need now, especially to face the change and the complexity of the current pathologies that we see in our practice.

In this sense we don’t need to interpret,  and I consider most kleinian interpretations as an acting out or enactment to the aggression of the patient.

Of course I will give a pictorial representation in a graph of the vicissitude of the libido and aggression and show the differences between Winnicott’s and Gaddini’s models.

The mental based organization of Gaddini is based on the distincion between psycho-sensorial and psycho-oral way of function and the interaction between them.

Winnicott made a difference between the pure elements male and female.

Difference between imitation, introjection/projection and identification.

From sensorial to perceptions to thoughts and emotions. (Renata De Benedetti Gaddini)




Freud Civilizations and its discontent

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