I enrolled to the university and I got a Master Degree in Experimental Psychology with a research thesis in psychology of memory and learning. I did my placement for the first semester to continue the research of my thesis, and the second semester I completed this Diploma in Cognitive Psychology and Neural Network.

I had experience in multivariate analysis and research’s methodology. I did the State exam in order to register psychologist in the professional body and I worked one year in a professional school in Rome for the compulsory social service. I did another placement for one year in clinical psychology in the Department Handicap of my town, I used the Test of Rey and the observation study.

I started at the same time the specialization in Child Psychotherapy, a baby and a child observation and discussion of clinical cases. Four supervision of clinical cases and a personal analysis three times at week. In the meantime a started my placement in the National Health Service, the first year in the Department Handicap of Brindisi, two years in a Family Service in Brindisi, where I worked with a child four year old in adoption and an adolescent. The next year in a Mental Health Service for adult people in my town and two years and half in a Centre for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of Infancy and adolescents in Lecce.

I used different test like WISC-R, Cat, Rorschach and MMPI-2. I worked ten year in private practice, in particular with children and adolescents and their families. I did assessments and therapy in play setting three times a week in individual and group sessions I was for one term as student at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in the Department of Medical Engineering, and I did the classes in Medical Imaging and Neural Engineering and an Independent Study at University of Medicine and Dentist of New Jersey (UMDNJ). I was student at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in an advanced individual program, a lecture in Development of Psychoanalytic Theory (PC4).

I work in a therapeutic community in London for psychotic and severe mental health people and at the same time I started my private practice, and once got redundant I continued in my office where I offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy, registered as Chartered Psychologist for BPS and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UKCP.

I enrolled in a four year training to become a psychoanalyst and in the child training to become a child analyst.