I am a psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist from Italy in the professional body of psychologist Puglia Region since 1998 m. 1365.

I did a training in child adolescent and adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Isteba of Rome recognized from the Health and University  Department of Italy with a baby observation for two years, a child observation for one year, a personal analysis three times per week during the training with an analyst of the Italian psychoanalytic society and four supervision of clinical cases, one for two years and three for one year, plus placements and classes.

I came in England in 2007 and at the Tavistock I did an advance individual program and I presented my baby observation and it was recognized in order for my to access the doctorate.



I worked in CAMHS in Barnet and Enfield Mental Health in a Lac team for one year and half to get my accreditation with the ACP, not obtained, and I did a supervision for one year.

I had a second analysis four times per week with an analyst of the Brithis psychoanalytic institute for 6 years.

I am member of the Brithis psychological Society as Chartered and memeber of the UKCP as individual member and supervisor.

At the moment I am a candidate in the International Institute for Psychoanalytic training in Washington and in a third personal analysis more that four times per week and in supervision with a member of the america psychoanalytic institute for my first analytic case.