Euclid and the wizard of Oz

In the book Elements Euclid creates the geometry and I would to use one of his first demonstration to illustrate some basic analytic concepts.

At the beginning of life we have just one dot A that represents the mother and the baby and slowly with the development of the baby and the provision of the mother this dot becomes two dots A and B. If we make a line between the two dots A B that is also the spinal cord and if we make two circle on each dot with the radius on the length of the line we create the third point C in the conjunction of the two circles and we can trace other two segments between A and C, and B and C and we will have a plane. I can make it more complicated and using another demonstration of Euclid in chapter 11 where two planes intersect and form a line AB.

We can use these diagrams to represent the development of a spinal cord, a line between A and B. But also a three-dimensional space with three planes,  in total seven point. Then we have an individual stand in a three dimensional space with a front and a back, a right and a left, an up and a down. The initial dual operates on sensation and the subsequent five senses operates in a perceptual way. At six months old a baby has for the first time a clear idea to be separated from the mother that becomes a non-me object. Before there was no distinction between the mother and the baby.

I want to link that to the story tale the wizard of Oz,  where there are two characters that keep my attention the scarecrow and the tin woodman.

The scarecrow is stuffed of straw and once to the wizard of Oz he would like to ask for a mind. He doesn’t have a spinal cord and he is just like a dot in the space.

The tin woodman was made of flesh and blood, but his limbs and body was chopped away and replaced by tin and once arrived to the wizard of Oz he  would like to ask not for a mind, but for a heart.  He represents in a way the two points that have lost the link between them.

Ferro represents that in article on his patient Lisa with an image of two different state of mind: symbiosis and autism. At the beginning I thought that there is no difference between them.  Now I realize that what is impaired in the symbiosis is not having a spinal cord and functioning in a psycho-oral way without a psycho-sensorial. And what happens in the autism is the opposite; working in a psycho-sensorial way and deficit of a psycho-oral. This idea brings me back to a diagram that I showed you in some papers before where I represented at the beginning of life the libido close to zero on the vertical axe and the aggression on the same axe near to infinite,  all in function of time. These two curves and the interaction between them are the two characters.  The aggression goes down because the caregiver provides a facilitating environment that creates the Self, and at the same time the libido can be decatected on the object outside and a first internal object of the bad object can be created inside. But the mother is coming from inside how we can see from the sovrapposition of the two circle,  and only the father is the third point C on the figure that his coming from outside. But also the third circle around C has some parts in common with the circle on A (the mother) and the circle on B the child. Then the internal objects are not just coming from outside as bad object,  but also are part of the Self. What is then represented in the figure of the three points and circles is also the relationship between A and C,  the mother and the father in the mind of the baby,  the fact of being  generated.

The scarecrow is afraid of the fire and it is soft, but can take water,  milk liquid.  The tin woodman is scared of water,  he gets rusty and it is hard.

It is important to distinguish in the therapy room which part of the patient we are pulling in. At the scarecrow we can give interpretations that allows him to separated from us. On the contrary at the tin woodman we can give containment that allow him to get closer to us, and giving him an heart. Of course it is difficult to distinguish that because we will never have a pure scarecrow or a pure tin woodman,  but a constant oscillation between these two. In normality there is enough of both of them and integration between mind and heart.