Herophlic Oath

We Start today a journey into the mind and in doing that we use ours couches as a time machine. We can go in the past or in the future of ourselves or of human civilization.
Psychoanalysis is the science of development and it was discovered by Freud who went back to the beginning of life to understand how the mind works.
After him Klein went even further, but she applied the same way of thinking to a more primitive evolution, retro-dating the Oedipus Complex.
Like all the other sciences psychoanalysis emerged during the Hellenistic period in the III century BC and it was just rediscover during the Renaissance with the fall of the Roman emperor.,
The psyche is coming from the body, but in order to understand that we need another tool, different from the natural sciences, but not less precise, thought even more because we are dealing with a less weighted substance compare to the physics.
In order to do that we need a model, a mental base organization.
The metapsychology is our model, but because this model was developed starting from a mature way of functioning and going back to the childhood, it encounters some personal and cultural resistances.
The idea that I am proposing it is a small revolution in the field, but contains a better understanding of the phenomena.
We have two processes that operate at the same time. One is in place in order to build the Self and the other the internal objects.
We cannot have internal representations without a container for them.
At the beginning there is no Self and no objects and we need to create both of them in an environment that facilitates the process.
We can represent that in a visual way with two waves in a Cartesian axis.
What we observe is of course the sum of the two waves, but what we need to be able to see are the two separated functions and how they are in interaction between them.
Because the research went in the opposite direction of the development what it was discovered first were the internal representations of the two internal objects and the relations between them.
The name of the energy of this process of projection/introjection is the libido.
There is a cathexis of energy to an object, an investment of energy and all the vicissitude of it.
If we use an analogy with the optick, from the eyes starts a visual ray that hits the object.
If we go further to a more primitive way of functioning we cannot apply anymore this model and we need to change perspective.
Still keeping the analogy we can say that from the object starts a visual ray that hits the eyes. In this case we are not anymore concentrating our attention to the libido, but to the aggression and instead of an investment of energy into the object there is a disinvestment, a decathexis of the aggression from the external reality (I cannot say object because there is no representation of it).
Then it is not that the aggression follow the libido, but the opposite, the libido follow the aggression.
Then we are operating not anymore with interpretations in order to change the internal object or the use of transference. We are in another place and the mechanisms in operation are not introjections and projections, but imitations.
In this case the interventions are direct not to the objects, but to the self for the formation and consolidation of it.
If we keep this in mind we have a much powerful tool because we have not one way of working, but two. The problem is that in order to do that we need to monitor all the time the relationship, the interaction between the dyad.
Everything flows like a river and we can stay on one side (body) or the other (mind). We can use our mind to change the body or the body to change the mind, but the river is one, and we cannot stay on it.
At the same time there is the being that is immutable and all the rest becomes unconscious

At the beginning there is a corporal way of functioning and the mind need to be installed on it. The initial conformation is a Total self (all the aggression outside represented on my graph on the vertical axe towards the top) and no object (libido towards 0 on the axe) in function of time. The aggression diminishs and the lidibo increases if the baby is protect and hold by the caregiver and around six months these two curves cross each other with the lost of the Total self and the realization of separation and creation of the object.
At this point the organization is a Self (O) with an object (i). The vicissitude of this configuration takes another year and half to be completed with the detachment and duplication of the object in two objects (ii) and the interaction of them (x). In a pictorial way the Self is a circle (round figure) with inside the two objects (I,I) and the relationship between them (X).