Play with words by Samuele Filomena

Recently I have been thinking about words. For example the word mortgage, for an english speaker is just a word, for me is a composite word by mort and gage, and the meaning of mort id dead in italain.

I’ll give you another example, ball in italian is palla and also it is a composite word by pa, hat is the sound of hitting the ball and la (there) where the ball goes.

Words describe actions, movements and discourses are narrated, spoken.

Lets carry on this game and focus on two basic emotions and the correspondent actions.

At the beginning of life there is not any solid food, just liquid and the baby does not have any tooth. The emotion that I associate with this state of life is sadness and normally it is express by tiers.

The word thirsty is very similar to the word triste (sad in italian), also in South italy we use tristu to connote a child that is restless. We know that in childhood the depression can be expressed with movement.

At 6 – 8 months with the separation-individuation and the appearance on the mouth of the teeth, the child with the weaning process starts to intake solid food. I associate an important emotion to this state and it is the anger and the correspondent work in English for starving is hangry.

The child is now able to express his anger and byte.

As Freud stated to Marie Bonapart in a letter on the 1937 May 27

I will try to answer your question [about aggression]. The whole topic has not yet been treated carefully, and what I had to say about it in earlier writing was so premature and casual as hardly to deserve consideration.

The turning inwards of the aggressive impulse is naturally the counterpart of turning outwards of the libiido when it passes over from the ego to the objects. One could imagine a pretty scheatic idea of all libido being at the beginning of life directed inwards and all aggression outwards, and that this gradually changes in the course of life. But perhaps that is not correct.

I don’t know if you remember my diagram based on what Freud said.

On Cartesian axis I put on the vertical aggression (high) and libido (low) and on the horizontal the time, a liquid time till 6-8 month and a solid and liquid onward.

If things go well and there is someone looking after the baby the aggression goes down and the libido up. An internal object is built inside from the bad object intorjected and the libido is projected on the good object outise.

At 6 – 8 months these two curves cross and for the first time in life the aggression is down the libido.

If I divided this space in four square at the intersection of the two lines and I name them with the four basic algebra operation +, -, *, /

Now lets take the word italian condivisione that is a composite word con (with) and division. In English can be translate with share. But the meaning is much more complex, there are two operations implicated a division, separation of the child from the mother at 6-8 month and not before, and the addiction of the baby with the mother with the investment of libido in her.

Now I let you imagine how many of these we can create with just four simbols.

Another example could be procreation in this case the two operations are * creation and pro +