The five stones game

Play with five stones is a memory of my childhood. Take five stones that can fit in your hand, throw them on the floor, pick one, throw it on the air and pick a stone at once four times;
now the stones are back in the hand another game but two at time twice;
three and one and all four at once. It is a solitary game, but you can play with others at the same time.
I remembered this game reading on the sea side this summer the book of Christopher Bollas The Evocative object world. Chapter 4 “The fourth object and beyond” he talks about a numerology from 1 to 5. One individual + another individual = three, the creativity (the child). Four represents the family, that from my point of view is a circle that includes the two single circles of the two individuals (the couple). Five is the external society.
I moved my head and right on the direction of the cost I saw five big stones on it, as a representation of the game that I had played when I was a child.
Suddenly, came to my mind where these stones were, on another big stones that it is the planet earth. The environment is for me the number six of the sequence of numbers and it represents the place where all that is possible. For the child the first environment is the body of the mother.
At the beginning of life this is what we are and where we came from. We come from the sea, incorporated on the womb as a way to safe it from the catastrophe of his departure.
A catastrophe that represents with the weaning process or psychological birth with the recognition (sun-cathexis) of the mother or caregiver as different and separated.
The mind at the beginning is a collective one (group mind) where all the pulsions are inside to keep the elements together and all the aggression is outside to protect it from dangers.
The oro-gastric trait assures feeding and disposal processes that sustains the physical grow and the installation of psychics one as imitation of the body functions.
At the beginning the de-cathexis of the aggression towards the external world allows the cathexis of the internal objects. These two way of functioning are present simultaneously, one with the internal objects created and all the introjection and projection functioning with the recognition of the object separated from the self and out of the omnipotence control. On the other end a more primitive way of functioning of the mind is at the same time in progress. In this case there is any distinction with the object and then any pulsion, The discharge of the energy occurs through actions and muscular movements, sensations and the first more organized perceptions.
Then two kind of transference: infant-mother (maternal) psycho-sensorial (imitative)
and the well known paternal, oral with intojections and projections and the creation of an internal world. It is the difference between repeating with actions or remembering and then working through. The acme of this development is the use of an object, where an individual recognizes the separateness of the external object, introjects it internally, where he can hate the person inside himself, but the survival of the outside object is the confirmation that the object is outside the omnipotent control of the subject. This other way of functioning is pre-verbal and we don’t have any model of the functioning of the mind, also because we use words to describe something that came before it. The group mind is made by different sensations from inside and outside the body, the first border is represented by the family who delimitates the generative couple from the society.
The dyad infant-mother is a continuation of the foetus states till the ropture of it and the establishment of the skin as first border of the individual.
At one year with the enphasis on talking, walking and breathing there is a first autonomous attempt to move away from it, and it will take another year to create a representation of the self with the round figure closed with the mouth and the eyes on it.
Another parallel process is in place the differentiation of the father figure from the mother, at the beginning a composed figure that with the help of the development of the perceptive systems become differentiate in two individuals distinct and separated that allows the self recognition based on two landmark points with the discovery of the space and time.
I feel that I have not better words to describe these processes.