Two papers of Gaddini

I read Gaddini, starting from the introduction to the book of Hanna Segal translated in Italian.

In Ricerche, controversie ed evoluzione della tecnica terapeutica in psicoanalisi (1975) Gaddini focused his attention on the technique and in particular on the interpretations (of Transference) and on the therapeutic relationship. On page 381 he stated (translated by myself):”They have learned to recognize as the patient could gain some goals not for the interpretations received, but for the one not received, and as some silences experienced (not conscientious) with the patient could be more value than every correct interpretation. This and other things, with the study on the counter-transference, brought to value the relationship as effective therapeutic tool, and to think the analyst as essential element of the therapy, not at all, and not only, for his capacity to give effective interpretations, but because able to stay in the relationship in the way and at the levels required.”

In an another important paper: Gli stati di non-integrazione nell’esperienza gruppale (1983) (freely translated by myself) Two phases in the process of the mental organization of the self, till the gain of an unitary self and defined spatially.

I Fusion stage (without instinct) a-pulsion. From the magic omnipotence (primary narcisim) to the catastrophe (expereince without conscience) till the separation

II Instinctual emergence stage (6 month) from the separation to the object relation.

The libido originally narcisistic becomes objectual. The libido is looking for the object. The aggression follows the libido. (classical point of view)

Freud in the letter mentioned before stated that all the aggression are outward and the libido inward.

It is the libido that follow the aggression outward and not the contrary. The transformation of the

narcissistic libido in objectual libido it will happens with the mesh of the libido with the aggression. There is not a removal of aggression but just latency, obtain though the sovraposition or counter opposition of adequate quantity of libido. This explain the ambivalence and through light on the manic depression and use of the libido of aggression in the perversion.

At the beginning the aggression charges are all outward and the libido are inward.

Then who came before in relationship with the object, who is looking for something outside, or defending from something outside, who delimited the border of the self are the aggressive charges and not the libidinal one. The libidic charge are not looking, at the beginning, the object, but are all taken inside to keep together the fragment of the self.

In regards to the pathology, the problem of the earliest month of life, in the fusion phase , is just how much libido the mother has been able to promote in the mental organization of the baby and consequently if this baby once detached s/he will have enough libido that could keep together. This is one thing. The other is that this aggressive charges, as described, are omnidirectional and not against an object. They are against all or nothing, against the external, against the external space. Some times in the analytic situation the analyst is not attacked as an object, but as external world and then he need to be able to understand that he is not an object, otherwise he enters into the relationship with dynamical objectual interpretation, that nothing have to do with the context.

At the stage of instictual emergence follow the one that we can call stage of consolidation of the self created, unitary.

This stage can go for long time . It is not a time without meaning , it is a precious time, in which for the first time it can be possible to have experience not conscience autonomous, and of the autonomous self, with few and slowly not at all anxiety of loose of the self.

People that before were not able to be with themselves not a moment, that were all the time flight towards something outside themselves, at this point are able to be by themselves, to start to feel the pleasure to be alone, and to do things for themselves that it was impossible before.

Before, it happened that instead they would have done a lot of things for others, and nothing for themselves.. Now they discover inside themselves defined position, discover that they have different opinion from others.

What is late to begin is the love relationship, in other words the objectual relationship.